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ADHD and HRV: Non-Medication Management

Author: Dr. Diann Sanford, Psy.D, LPC In this article, this author explores ADHD and the brain and body connection, and the implications this has in the treatment of ADHD with Heart Rate Variability.  HRV biofeedback or training is a a non-medication treatment approach in the management of ADHD symptoms using heart rate variability, HRV. Brain…

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Heart Rate Variability, A Non-Invasive Treatment (HRV)

Author: Dr. Diann Sanford, Psy.D, LPC There has been increasingly widespread interest in the study of the variations of the beat to beat timing of the heart, known as heart rate variability (HRV). Fluctuations in heart rate have predictive importance (Kleiger, 2005), as they can be used to assess various pathological states or affirm wellness…

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