“Individuals are asked to take a hard look “inward”, and not come to therapy “to fix” his/her partner. There are no losers in my couples therapy, if there is, I have not done my job. I work had to establish a win-win, where each individual has a clear voice and all goals are mutually agreed upon.”

– Dr. Diann Sanford, Psy.D, LPC

Is a Private Intensive right for us?

Crisis/Critical: If you and your partner are in extreme circumstances, it typically takes 2 Intensive events for true restoration to begin. The exact number depends on how many stuck points are identified and the number of confounding issues that are present (infidelity, addiction, mental health diagnosis among other matters). A recommended package for your specific situation will be developed upfront, after the initial meeting and assessments. Often 2 -4 individual sessions before or during the Intensives prove to be helpful, and may be recommended. A unique plan that fits your situation will be devised, making this a terrific option.

Moderate: If you and your partner have 1-2 major stuck points, one Intensive event, and perhaps 1 individual session is typically sufficient. Couples at this level typically make large gains in these Intensive events.

Enrichment: If you and your partner, have a good marriage and are not experiencing any major stuck points, but would like to have greater connection or improved alignment in parenting/home life  a Couples Intensive can be a prudent investment. Typically no individual sessions are necessary in these situations. Couples entering at this phase often arrive at mastery and  are able to “go to new places together” .

Agenda for Intensive   

As a participant in an Intensive event you and your partner will experience/participant in the following:

In Advance:

  • participant in confidential assessments and appropriate intake paperwork
  • securing motivation: a commitment to your marriage and the Intensive event

Therapeutic sessions consisting of 4 Parts, based heavily on the Gottman Method and carefully constructed  to fit your unique needs:

Foundational Skills

  • establishing common standards: addressing individual/couple health
  • building communication skills: real issues in real time
  • creating new ways of being

Heavy Lifting (this is much longer in the private intensive than in the semi-private retreat)

  • addressing stuck points
  • forgiveness/letting go

A One Hour Break For Lunch is typical Here


  • formulating a mutually acceptable course of action
  • identifying  supports, dangers, obstacles, resources needed
  • resources/specific behaviors identified for moving forward

Intentional Restoration

  • commitment
  • common mission, new behaviors, common/enlarged community
  • celebration: fun, laughter, relaxation, embracing gains/ the “new you”

Before leaving a mutually agreed upon plan to maintain your progress will be developed, and you will be asked to participate in a short post-assessment of services. 


My Money Back Guarantee for Couples Intensives and Semi-Private Retreats 

“I stand behind our work; therefore at the end of our intensive or retreat event, if you are not satisfied with the skills taught and acquired, I will either refund the total price of your services for that day, or only charge you what you consider the services performed that day are worth.”

– Dr. Diann Sanford, Psy.D, LPC